Extensive interviewing of business professionals/executives in the early stages of her professional career, enables Susan to bring a unique skill set to B2B work.  Formerly an executive search consultant, she knows the nuances of successfully reaching out to professionals.  In a critical water research project where participants were not apparent, Susan networked with water contacts to identify an Industrial Council of heavy water users who were perfect for the study.

Telephone and in-person in-depth interviews, group discussions and brainstorming events,  Thornhill Associates brings a skilled, professional approach to challenging B2B research studies.


Due to a serious need to raise the awareness of water issues and promote efficient water use nationwide, the federal EPA issued a grant to the CUWCC (California Urban Water Conservation Council) to study the feasibility of developing a national partnership on water use efficiency.  Two over-arching goals included 1) identifying the best self-sustaining organization framework and 2) engaging multi-discipline partners nationwide to ensure interested partners should the organization come to fruition.

Multiple research components included an online web survey, stakeholder workshops with 25 – 70 representatives from water agencies, manufacturers, municipalities, environmental groups, and builders and developers conducted in six cities; and focus groups with appliance and irrigation manufacturers and East and West Coast water utilities.  A newly-created entity was formed and the Alliance for Water Efficiency has been underway for several years.

TESTIMONIAL:  Mary Ann Dickinson, Executive Director for AWE

I had the opportunity to work closely with Susan Thornhill and her team on an extensive project related to the social issue of water efficiency.  This multi-faceted research effort required a clear understanding of the research information objectives, a research design that would elicit critical findings as well as engage and involve small and large groups, execution on a timely basis, and professional reporting that was shared through the industry.  Thornhill Associates played a critical role in our research effort, and was instrumental in its success.  Susan is professional, knowledgeable and thorough.  I would be pleased to recommend her and her organization for any research project.